Victoria’s Voice is building a national Get. Give. Save. movement to spread awareness and improve access to opioid overdose reversal medications like naloxone. While we bring life-saving messaging to media platforms nationwide, we need YOU to bring the movement to your community!

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That’s right, our Victoria’s Voice toolkits are FREE. In honor of Victoria Siegel’s life and legacy, we provide these toolkits at no charge to prevent other families from losing a loved one to opioid overdose or fentanyl poisoning.

We have designed a variety of toolkits to help you spread awareness within your community and through your social media. Each kit is packed with dozens of resources to fit your needs.

  • Recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose
  • When and how to administer naloxone
  • Where to find naloxone
  • Social media tools
  • Posters and flyers
  • PSAs and looping videos
  • Ads and billboards
  • Graphics and logos

Get Give Save

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Get Your FREE Toolkit Today!  

We have also teamed up with InnovaScript Pharmacy to enable you to ship naloxone directly to your home or place of business. Order your naloxone today and join the Movement!

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