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If you and your friends really are as invincible as you think, why don’t we have more superheroes in the world?

The fact is that kids may not be superheroes, but they do have superpowers. Because, yes, not all brains are equal.

In fact, the adolescent brain is supercharged, learning and creating neural pathways and discarding underutilized pathways at rates that you will never experience again in your lifetime – essentially creating the future you. That is amazing!

But every superpower has its kryptonite, and developing brains are uniquely vulnerable and can be permanently damaged by drug and alcohol use. Know your kryptonite!

In Her Own WordsVictoria's Voice Diary

Victoria Siegel’s diary, written in her own hand and featuring her own artwork, is a gripping peek inside the mind of a sometimes happy, healthy teen and other times a teen dramatically influenced by drugs and alcohol. Victoria’s parents decided to share her heartbreaking story along with valuable prevention resources to inspire life-saving conversations between parents and kids.

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Save Our Kids includes both live and video-facilitated drug prevention programming designed to inspire students to live a drug-free life. From our live school speaker series to our life skills and testimony courses, this program is designed to thoughtfully guide you through a journey of education, empowerment, and mobilization in the face of the ongoing opioid epidemic.

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Victoria’s Voice is building a national movement to spread awareness and improve access to lifesaving opioid overdose reversal medications like naloxone. Join the Movement to access your FREE toolkit to spread awareness and save lives from opioid overdose and fentanyl poisoning in your community. The life you save may be someone you know

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That’s right, our prevention toolkits are FREE. In honor of Victoria Siegel’s life and legacy, we provide these toolkits at no charge to prevent families and friends from losing a loved one to drug overdose.

We have also teamed up with InnovaScript Pharmacy to enable you to ship naloxone directly to your home.

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We have also teamed up with InnovaScript Pharmacy to enable you to ship naloxone directly to your home or place of business. Order your naloxone today and join the Movement!

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