Victoria's Voice Diary

This book could save your child’s life.

Following the loss of David and Jackie Siegel’s 18-year-old daughter, Victoria, to a drug overdose, one of Victoria’s friends forwarded a text that Victoria had written to her mother in the event of her death.

Victoria’s text told her mom to look in her bedroom nightstand for a secret diary she kept, and suggested she publish it on her behalf. The Siegels decided to honor Victoria’s wish.

This is Victoria’s Voice from beyond the grave.  

Victoria’s diary, in her own hand and featuring her own artwork, is bookended by Jackie and David’s personal sentiments, as well as a wealth of valuable education, tools, and resources for support.

Victoria’s Voice is a gripping peek inside the mind of an occasionally happy, healthy teen, and other times a teen dramatically influenced by drugs and alcohol. The Siegels choose to share their heartbreaking story in the hopes that Victoria’s testimony will continue to engage parents and teens in vital conversations regarding youth drug abuse and addiction.  

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