Save Our Kids comprises both live and video-facilitated drug prevention programming designed to inspire elementary, middle, and high school students to live a drug-free life.

One Million


Save Our Kids

Youth Education and Prevention

Live School Speaker Program

Our dynamic school speaker program—a powerful collaboration launched in 2019 with our education partner, Steered Straight—has positively impacted more than one million students, parents, and educators across the United States and Canada. Program highlights include:

  • Real-life storytelling by our Director of Youth Outreach and School Programs, Michael DeLeon, who shares his story of drug use, incarceration, and recovery.
  • Prevention programming tailored for parents and educators.
  • Post-presentation prevention resources and activities for continued student engagement.
  • Complimentary copies of the Victoria’s Voice diary.

Educational Video Programs for Youth

Our video-facilitated educational programs provide students with essential life skills, and instructs on the various consequences of substance use, including:

  • Fentanyl: Fake & Fatal was developed in partnership with Education Partner Steered Straight and Ohana Solutions, a thought leader in K-12 learning solutions, in response to the ongoing fentanyl crisis. Our comprehensive classroom curriculum educates and raises awareness about the serious dangers facing children and families today.
  • Straight Talk outlines Michael DeLeon’s personal journey from substance use disorder and incarceration to thriving, long-term recovery. This raw, real-life storytelling is best suited for upper middle and high school students.
  • TASTE It, told through the life experiences of NFL legend Fred Stokes, equips students with vital decision-making tools through the Take A Second To Evaluate It (TASTE It) approach. This program is best suited for middle and high school students.

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