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One Tragedy Preventing Others


An average of 22 teens in the United States die each week from drug overdose. At Victoria’s Voice Foundation, we are committed to stopping drug abuse in its tracks.


Victoria Siegel was one of 129 Americans who lost their lives to overdose that fateful day in 2015. Since then, a staggering number of families across the U.S. have lost a loved one to overdose.  


Victoria’s Voice was founded after the passing of David and Jackie Siegel’s daughter, Victoria, to advance initiatives and programs to prevent substance abuse, and save millions of lives from the drug epidemic.

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Jackie & David Siegel

David and Jackie Siegel’s world was forever changed when their 18-year-old daughter Victoria died of a drug overdose on June 6, 2015.

In the depths of their despair, David and Jackie dedicated themselves to understanding how this tragedy came to pass. And in doing so, they learned a great deal about the drug epidemic stealing young lives in our country.

Ask Rikki 

David and Jackie’s daughter, Victoria “Rikki” Siegel, was a bright, curious, kind-hearted teenager, whose memory continues to live on through the efforts, outreach, and impact of Victoria’s Voice. In her honor, we have created Rikki, our dedicated AI assistant.

Rikki is here to help you find answers to any question you may have about the foundation and our programs. Simply click the icon at the bottom-right to chat with Rikki now!